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About us


Orchard Sawmill at Rougham Norfolk began in production in 1953. Founded by a husband and wife team Alec and Betty Woods who were recently married they began their business supplying firewood locally. The business later expanded into supplying pit props for what was then “The National Coal Board” until the introduction of steel pit props led to the decline of that production. Alec and Betty then moved into production of Pallet wood and timber fencing with Alec cutting the timer and Betty making up the panels themselves.

In 1976 their son David turned 21 and became a partner in the business and it expanded into a thriving local business with several employees. With the opening up of the Eastern Block counties imports of fencing and pallet wood undercut the UK production and the family decided, in 2001, to concentrate solely on the supply of firewood logs and kindling to local customers and now supplies approximately 400 families and businesses with hardwood logs for open fires and the increasingly popular log burning stoves.

This year Alec and Betty’s daughter Louise and son-in-law, Tony introduced the West Norfolk Firewood company based at King’s Lynn to supply home delivered firewood to a wider area and the web site to reach more customers and expand the business.


West Norfolk Firewood can deliver hardwood logs and kindling to a wide area comprising Central and West Norfolk. Operating in an arc with King’s Lynn at the centre we deliver to the south as far as Downham Market on the A10 corridor including West Winch, Watlington and Wimbotsham. Then East along the A1122 and A47 taking in Marham, Swaffham, Dereham and Watton. Travelling North from Swaffham to Fakenham along the A1065 including the villages Castleacre, Litcham and the Raynhams. We also cover North to Burnham Market and West to Hunstanton, Heacham, Dersingham, Grimston and Gayton. We can almost always deliver within a week of your order at your convenience.

Delivery arrangements

Your load will be delivered on a 3500 kg gross tipper lorry. The width of these vehicles is approximately 2.3 metres wide so access will need to be a little wider than this. We will tip as closely as we can to where is suitable for you but please bear in mind that we must avoid electricity and telephone cables when tipping the load.

Our product

All our firewood, hardwood logs and kindling are sourced local to the area and comprise hard woods that include, Oak, Silver Birch, Chestnut, Sycamore, Beech and Ash among others. At Orchard Sawmill we hold hundreds of tons of hardwood to ensure the timber is adequately seasoned before being processed into logs for customers. As with all logs the longer it can be stored before burning the better the performance of the log burner or fire. We have several sized loads to suit all pockets and storage facilities from our one and a half cubic metre “Half Jumbo” load of hard wood logs. We then move up to our “Standard” load of hard wood logs at two cubic metres. We also do a large load at 2.5 cubic metres and then to our largest bulk load the “Jumbo” load of hard wood logs at three cubic metres.  Kindling is also supplied in nets.  ALL PRICES HERE ON THE HOME PAGE

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