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Frequently Asked Questions

So far in October we have delivered to West Winch, Little Dunham, Swaffham, Clenchwarton, West Lynn, Middleton, Grimston, Gt. Massingham, Setchey, Gooderstone, Leziate, Southery, Pudding Norton,Nordelph, Pockthorpe, Narborough, Westacre, Walopole St. Andrew, Upwell and Downham Market

The basic product are hardwood firewood logs which can deliver in different load sizes, but we also do bulk orders of nets of logs and have new machinery so that we can produce kindling much more efficiently. We sell the kindling in large nets individually or in bulk for shops to sell.

Hardwood contains many different elements and as the wood burns different gasses and solid are released. Each of these has different burning temperatures. The hotter the hardwood logs burn the more of the gases and resins also burn and the amount of smoke is reduced, Thus the deposits in the chimney are reduced making it easier to keep clean and reducing the build up of resin which can eventually block the chimney.


The more moisture in the hardwood logs means more energy is required to evaporate the moisture so reducing the heat produced by the hardwood, reducing the temperature of the fire and increasing smoke and chimney deposits of soot and resin.


In summary the dryer the wood the hotter and cleaner the fire and chimney.

Yes we can.

We are investing in modern equipment which means when can process all types for timber into logs perfect for any wood burning stove or log fire. At our sawmill we have large stocks of all sizes of timber and to process it we are investing in a 30 tonne log splitter that can split trees into smaller billets. Our firewood processor processes round timber by sawing rounds at the required length before pushing them through a splitter to produce the perfect size log for you. We also have a kindling machine capable of producing 40 nets of kindling per hour with just one operator. All our cut logs are kept under cover and well ventilated to ensure they reach you ready to burn.

While you can never have too much kindling, we believe just two of our large nets of kindling is sufficient for a cubic metre of logs. So three nets for a half jumbo load and six nets for our jumbo load should suit most people.

At West Norfolk Firewood we have invested in modern machinery to produce hardwood logs and kindling from bulk timber delivered to our sawmill. We have invested in a kindling machine which can produce up to 40 nets of kindling per hour. This has enabled us to reduce the price of our nets of kindling to just £4.00 per net or 3 nets for just £10.00.

We also has a 30 tonne log splitter that can split the larger hardwood trunks into more manageable sized billets for our firewood processing machine to produce the hardwood logs we deliver to customers. Alongside this we have a large automated saw which automatically cuts longer lengths into specific lengths to suit our customers. This investment means we can produce hardwood logs at the best possible price and value for money for our hundreds of customers throughout Norfolk.

Unfortunately no we do not sell kiln dried logs for two reasons. The first is that the kiln drying process uses significant amounts of energy. Typically air is heated to around 70 degrees centigrade and circulated round the logs until saturated with moisture. The air is then ventilated and fresh air introduced which is again heated to 70 degrees and the process is repeated until the moisture content drops to around 20%. Generally this process takes three and a half days. The amount of energy used is reflected in the price which is approximately £1000.00 per tonne compared to £150.00 per tonne for our logs.

It is not necessary to kiln dry your logs if you buy them well before you need them and store them in a ventilated area such as a log store. This year I stored my logs in June and they had a moisture content of around 40% when freshly split. In early September I checked the moisture content of several and found it to be between 10% and 16%. Just store your logs well and they will be better than kiln dried before you know it. Keeping a few days supply in your fireplace area will also make a difference.

The golden rule is “buy early”. In the season when people are using their log burners we are so busy it is impossible to store the quantities of split logs that would be required. When logs are freshly split the heart of the tree is exposed for the first time so the moisture content will be highest. When properly stored and stacked so the air can circulate around them the moisture content quickly drops especially in the summer months. I always stack my logs for the winter in June and July and I have just checked the moisture content and found it as low as 8% down from around 40%. So if you haven’t got enough logs to last the winter buy as soon as possible if you don’t use them they will be great for next year. If you need to burn the logs immediately consider buying in some kiln dried until the moisture content of our logs has dropped a little.

Storing your logs properly is crucial to the best performance of your log burner. Ideally the logs should be protected from rain and snow but be well ventilated to allow fresh air to pass over the logs helping them to dry out more. My logs store is a car port which I have adapted by boarding the sides using timber boards on alternate sides of the support posts. This allows the air to circulate freely but prevents the rain from entering the store. Additionally I have placed pallets on the floor so the air can circulate underneath the logs too. I usually store my logs in May or June for the next winter and the moisture content usually falls to between 9% to 11% by the time I come to burn them. This is better than kiln dried at 20% and ensures easy lighting of the fire and a clean burn with hardly any soot forming on the glass door. In addition as the wood is not using its energy to evaporate its own moisture I get more of the calorific value from the logs meaning I use less than if the moisture content was higher.

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