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How is it best to store my logs?

Storing your logs properly is crucial to the best performance of your log burner. Ideally the logs should be protected from rain and snow but be well ventilated to allow fresh air to pass over the logs helping them to dry out more. My logs store is a car port which I have adapted by boarding the sides using timber boards on alternate sides of the support posts. This allows the air to circulate freely but prevents the rain from entering the store. Additionally I have placed pallets on the floor so the air can circulate underneath the logs too. I usually store my logs in May or June for the next winter and the moisture content usually falls to between 9% to 11% by the time I come to burn them. This is better than kiln dried at 20% and ensures easy lighting of the fire and a clean burn with hardly any soot forming on the glass door. In addition as the wood is not using its energy to evaporate its own moisture I get more of the calorific value from the logs meaning I use less than if the moisture content was higher.

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