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Do you supply kiln dried logs?

Unfortunately no we do not sell kiln dried logs for two reasons. The first is that the kiln drying process uses significant amounts of energy. Typically air is heated to around 70 degrees centigrade and circulated round the logs until saturated with moisture. The air is then ventilated and fresh air introduced which is again heated to 70 degrees and the process is repeated until the moisture content drops to around 20%. Generally this process takes three and a half days. The amount of energy used is reflected in the price which is approximately £1000.00 per tonne compared to £150.00 per tonne for our logs.

It is not necessary to kiln dry your logs if you buy them well before you need them and store them in a ventilated area such as a log store. This year I stored my logs in June and they had a moisture content of around 40% when freshly split. In early September I checked the moisture content of several and found it to be between 10% and 16%. Just store your logs well and they will be better than kiln dried before you know it. Keeping a few days supply in your fireplace area will also make a difference.

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